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We do not follow. We revolutionize.

About Us.

Formed in 2018 and based in Erlangen, Germany, VEC Imaging GmbH, Co. & KG is a Joint Venture between CETTEEN GmbH and Varex Imaging Corporation. VEC Imaging is focused on rapidly commercializing its technology and patents. In addition, we will formalize our US Business Development Center in the United States in 2021, giving us a local presence for US customers.

During the transition period of establishing the Joint Venture, VEC Imaging was able to continue with the creation of our IPs/Patents and in turn move quickly into development. This was made possible by government funding from The Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy StMWi.

About Us
VEC Imaging

We do not follow, We Revolutionize!

Our Vision Statement

VEC Imaging has a vision to always be forward thinking and remain the World Leader in X-ray technology, revolutionizing the technology used in healthcare and security systems. We remain proud of what we have achieved, but even more proud of what we intend to do.

In support of our vision, VEC Imaging is committed to standing by our values of:

  • Maintaining consistent quality in our work ethic, standards, customer service and products
  • Working with the highest business principles for customer satisfaction, through continuous improvement.
  • Encouraging our employees to perform with entrepreneurial thinking, to meet our customers requirements and expectations.
  • Remaining on the cutting edge of technology

Our employees live these values every day.  We push each other forward if we take a step back. We stop each other if we take one step too far or in the wrong direction. But no matter which step we take, we always come out on top, by working towards our vision. This is what drives us, what makes us who we are – this is what makes us a World Leader.

Committed to the future.

Sustainability & Quality

VEC Imaging GmbH & Co. KG will enhance the performance and imaging quality of X-ray technology and reduce the cost to manufacturers of X-ray systems by providing high-end X-ray technology based on the intellectual properties of nanotube technology and related control and power electronics.

We are committed to contributing with our technology to improving the standard of care and diagnostic quality for patients, increasing safety and enabling the use of X-ray systems in areas where this has previously not been possible. Our technology should help save lives in critical situations and provide more security.

VEC Imaging GmbH & Co. KG is dedicated to developing, producing and selling nanotube based X-ray imaging components and systems to improve healthcare and save lives.


We are committed to:

  • Maintaining consistent quality in our work ethic.
  • Building a motivated team, while taking the needs of our employees in account.
  • Maintaining our highest business principles for customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.
  • Encouraging our employees to perform with entrepreneurial thinking to meet our customers requirements and expectations.
  • Comply with all laws and regulations that govern us and maintain, monitor and improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

VEC Imaging GmbH & Co. KG supports enhancing a sustainable society and environmental awareness through:

  • Designing products in a manner that avoids an adverse impact on the environment when in production, use and disposal.
  • Minimizing resource consumption, waste and pollution in our operations.
  • Taking a proactive approach regarding environmental legislation that affects our business.

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