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Multi-Energy Pulse Modulator

by Dec 17, 2020News

In addition to funding VEC Imaging projects for our Nanotube technology and medical systems, the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy StMWI is supporting one of our critical electronic projects, the development and design of a multi-energy pulse modulator for electron guns and magnetrons. This projects includes the development of a system to control and power an electron gun (E-gun) or a magnetron, which is to be operated in a multi-energy pulsed operation mode with variable pulse lengths. In addition, the E-gun should be able to be configured as a diode as well as a triode.

The technology on which the modulator is based should also make it possible to generate electron pulses with freely selectable ( tunable ) energy, on a per-pulse basis. The generation of electron pulses, defined in terms of time and variable energy, far exceeds today´s standard commercial products which are limited to one or two different energies. These additional modalities will enable new technological approaches in a variety of applications where high-energy electrons are necessary.

This schematic representation of an electron gun shows:

– a triode configuration with hot cathode including power supply ( blue ),
– a wehnelt cap for focusing the electron beam ( light blue )
– the control grid ( green )
– the anode ( red )
– the voltage supplies for accelerating the electrons and for action on the control grid ( gray )

This schematics illustrates Multi-Energy pulses from our Pulse Modulator
– Pulse Voltage ( 42 kV – 40 kV ) ( yellow )
– Pulse current ( 80 – 100A ) ( red )
– RF output power of the Magnetron ( green and blue )

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