Industrial Applications (NDT)

VEC Imaging is providing Nanotube based Multibeam X-ray Tubes for NDT-Applications

VEC Imaging Mobile X-ray Non-Destructive Screening System

VEC Imaging Backscatter Technology

VEC Imaging Backscatter Van could be a fully mobile non-destructive screening system. The system is going to be designed to fit into a standard delivery van. The advantage of an imaging system using backscatter technology is that the system could be operated with only one side of the measurement object is available. This enables a lightweight and compact design of the Backscatter system which can be used for highly maneuverable applications. The system could be used e.g., for inspection of containers or baggage to detect concealed objects or persons.

The main application is the contraband detection of explosives, drugs and organic material at a drive by. The Backscatter system could provide photo-like high quality images which could be easily interpreted. The system could be easily operated and provide a real-time X-ray image. It is going to be a fully mobile system and could be installed on all types of van and mobile scrawlers. The absorbed radiation dose for the operator inside the vehicle, environment and people expected to be significantly lower than the annual dose limit recommended by NCRP (National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements).

Some of expected benefits

chemically stable

High 3D resolution at high throughput


Improved image quality due to elimination of image blur

Integrated function

Reduced total cost of ownership

Backscatter Technology

In contrast to transmission X-ray images, both source and detector of an X-ray backscatter imaging system is placed on only one side of the measurement object.

Backscatter Technology is a unique inspection method to get information about the content of closed containers, vehicles, luggage and even people without the need of a transmission measurement which requires the access to the far side of the container.

This enables a vehicle equipped with a Backscatter imaging system to drive pass parked cars or trucks and inspect whether the contents could be a security threat. The characteristic of X-ray backscatter imaging is that organic materials such as explosives appears bright in the image and metallic parts appear relatively dark. This makes the technology useful to detect explosives, drugs, stowaways in cargo and other hidden organic materials.


VEC Imaging Backscatter Technology