Security Applications

VEC Imaging is providing MBX-tubes for Security CT Scanners with Static Gantry

Nanotube based Multibeam X-ray Tubes for Static CT Scanners

VEC MBX-tubes is going to significantly improve the performance, efficiency and image quality of systems dedicated to the screening of carry-on bags, luggage, parcels and freight as well as to the detection of potentially harmful substances or devices.  VEC MBX technology opens the door to the next generation of Security CT Scanners with static gantry making travel safer and workflows at shipping ports, airports, and borders much more efficient, safe, and enjoyable for travelers and employees.

Our MBX technology is used for static CT Scanners featuring a non-rotating gantry, thus eliminating expensive parts sensitive to short maintenance cycles. This technology is revolutionary in terms of being making CT systems light weight and high performing with a simplified, modular maintenance protocol.

Some of Expected Benefits

chemically stable

High 3D Resolution at High Throughput


Improved Image Quality due to Elimination of Image Blur

Integrated function

 Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Value Proposition of Security CT Scanners with static gantry

Anticipated Benefits 

Economic Benefits

  • Platform for fulfilling new European and US security requirements.
  • Current infrastructure at airports and other scanning facilities would not need to change.
  • Chassis construction of the system could be simplified and manufacturing cost could be reduced.
  • 100% predective and preventive maintenance could be implemented.
  • Modular design could lead to better system serviceability.
  • Total cost of ownership could be reduced.

Security Benefits

  • Providing full 2D and 3D imaging with dual energy.
  • Automated threat detection that is more sensitive to hidden threats.
  • High Isotropic resolution could lead to thin sheet explosives detection.
  • Our Technology could allow identification of materials in bag.
  • Liquids and laptops could stay in bag during security screening.
  • False alarm rates, noise and artifacts could be reduced.


Effectiveness and Efficiency Improvements

  • Baggage scanning speed/belt speed could be increased without loss of resolution.
  • Faster scanning of the object could result in smaller slice thickness, resulting in higher resolution in the conveyor belt direction and better threat detection.
  • Isotropic high 3D resolution could be acheived at high throughput.
  • Improved Image quality and elimination of blurring effect.
  • Different number of segments/planes could be applicable in accordance with requirement specifications.

Technological Innovation

  • Optimized angular coverage and reduced number of views.
  • No more centrifugal force (G-force) or mechanical limitations for the gantry.
  • No difficulty with components susceptible to higher centrifugal force such as high voltage generator and X-ray Tube.
  • Variable and accurate X-ray dose management by control electronics.
  • Number of views per rotation individually selectable.
  • Tube current variable adjustable (dose modulation) controlled and monitored by the electronic control system.
  • Tube operation frequency variable is adjustable through control electronics.
  • The size and weight of the system could be reduced compared to conventional CT systems with rotating gantry.
Multibeam X-Ray Tube