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Security applications.

VEC Imaging is providing MBX-tubes for security (CT) applications

MBX-tubes for security (CT) applications

Baggage Scanner
VEC MBX-tubes will significantly improve the performance, efficiency and image quality of systems dedicated to the screening of carry-on bags, luggage and freight as well as to the detection of potentially harmful substances or devices.  VEC MBX technology opens the door to the next generation of CT technology making travel safer, controls less expensive and workflows at shipping ports, airports, and borders much more efficient, safe, and enjoyable for travelers and employees.
Our MBX technology is used for CT scanners featuring a non-rotating gantry, thus eliminating expensive parts sensitive to short maintenance cycles. This technology is revolutionary in terms of being making CT systems light weight and high performing with a simplified, modular maintenance protocol.

The MBX tubes designed by VEC Imaging offer multiple benefits, outperforming existing commercially available X-ray sources in many areas.

Benefits of our MBX-tubes

chemically stable

Lower energy consumption due to pulsed mode of operation


Increased image quality due to the elimination of rotating parts

Integrated function

Integrated function equivalent Pulse Forming Network

VEC Imaging MBX tubes have been designed to:

  • improve image quality
  • detect potentially harmful items with higher accuracy
  • reduce false alert detections
  • increase throughput


With VEC Imaging’s MBX tubes for Security applications, people are protected!