Industrial applications.

VEC Imaging is providing MBX-tubes for security (CT) applications

Pulse Modulator.

ECS Security Applications
VEC multi-energy pulse modulators are designed to handle a wide range of different magnetrons in a very compact enclosure. Our multi-energy models are for applications where there is a need to switch between several different energy levels.

The PulseModulators developed by VEC Imaging offer a vast variety of features not available with other existing modulators on the market.

Benefits of our multi-energy pulse modulators.

chemically stable

In-pulse voltage drop compensation


Unique internal design for adjustable pulse Rise- and Fall-time and multi-energy capability

Integrated function

Integrated function equivalent Pulse Forming Network

For industrial, military and medical applications.

Our PulseModulator has been designed with scalability in mind to serve not only in industrial or military applications but can also be used in the medical field – all that in a very compact enclosure. The unique internal design approach allows not only for multiple energy levels but also for specific adjustment of the slopes’ rise and fall time as well as an active droop compensation. Features that are currently only available with an additional Pulse Forming Network are both integrated and actively programmable on a per-pulse setting of more than 500 times per second in VEC Imaging’s PulseModulators. This allows the use of a wide range of different e.g. magnetrons in an unprecedented way and is so opening doors for new applications.

With VEC Imaging’s PulseModulators, your imagination is the limit.


ECS Security Applications
VEC Imaging produces the only High Voltage Generator with a unique anode power supply, which was specially developed for the requirements of our X-ray tube.

General benefits.

  • specially designed to meet the requirements of the constant load change that occurs in our X-ray tube
  • the pulse durations for an X-ray image can be reduced by fast control
  • Improved image quality due to the low ripple

The APS is specially designed to meet the requirements of the constant load changes that occur in our X-ray tube. This is unique in that conventional X-ray tubes do not have such rapid load changes as those caused by switching the emitters on and off. This is why the APS is also unique because our company is the only one that offers such an X-ray tube. Due to the fast regulation, the pulse durations for an X-ray can be reduced. In addition, the image quality is significantly improved due to the low ripple.

Unique design.

  • Adjustable high voltage
  • Fast regulation and a very small ripple
  • Images in the shortest time due to fast regulation

The design normally exploits unwanted effects that occur when converting voltages from mains voltage to voltages in the multi-digit kilovolt range to achieve the desired adjustable high voltage in a highly efficient manner. In addition, the APS operates at a high frequency to provide fast regulation and a very small ripple. The fast regulation leads to the fact that the desired voltage is provided immediately in case of load fluctuations (e.g. switching the emitters on and off). This means that images can be recorded in the shortest possible time after the emitters are switched on.