Stationary Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
  • Stationary system design eliminates imaging blur caused by mechanical movement of x-ray tube in the existing systems and significantly improves imaging resolution
  • Tomosynthesis imaging can be performed by electrically turning on and off x-ray sources at different locations without tube movement, results in very fast scans
  • High resolution of s-DBT makes it possible to detect micro-calcifications (MCs)
  • Fast scan improves patient comfort
  • Innovative x-ray tube technology and system design reduces system acquisition and maintenance costs




C -Arm Tomosynthesis
  • Enhanced capabilities of existing C-Arm systems
  • 3D tomosynthesis imaging without C-Arm movement, which significantly improves imaging capabilities
  • Multi-mode functionality presents a valuable spectrum of acquisition techniques, including fluoroscopy for real-time 2D guidance, 3D tomosynthesis for fast 3D imaging, and full 3D cone-beam CT
  • Deployable to various patient protocols ranging from brachytherapy to abdomen, chest, breast, spine, head and neck examination and surgery




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