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The world leader in developing nanotube based multi-beam x-ray (MBX) tubes.

Since the discovery of X-ray over a century ago, the techniques applied to the engineering of X-ray sources have remained relatively unchanged. Not any more,

VEC Imaging is changing the way we look at nanotubes compared to CNTs.

With innovative processes and materials we have addressed the numerous issues with today’s current CNT standards and have designed an integrated system complete with NT based X-ray tube and associated Control and Power Electronics. We are leading the way from two dimensional to 3D-Tomosynthesis and full CT, on a dynamic scale.

VEC Imaging is dedicated to developing, producing and selling multibeam nanotube (NT) based X-ray tubes and associated Control and Power Electronics for medical, security and industrial applications

  • Static Breast Tomosynthesis Systems
  • Portable Tomosynthesis Systems
  • C-Arm Systems
  • Portable Computed Tomography (CT) Systems
  • Carry-On Stationary CT-Scanners
  • Checked Baggage Stationary CT-Scanners
  • Backscatter Systems
In support of this business we also develop, produce and sell customized high voltage generators and control electronics for conventional and nanotube based X-ray tubes.